Meet the Team


Steve GardenerCompanyDirector

Steve Gardener
Company Director

Steve has worked in every department of D&G during his 20-plus years with the company and now manages the finance operation. As part of his drive to constantly improve D&G's operation, he has recently overseen the introduction of a state-of-the-art resource planning system which ensures customer requirements are handled as efficiently and punctually as possible. He is already looking for other improvements.


Paul Gardener
Sales Director

Paul's 25 year career in sales and project management and extensive product knowledge ensure rapid progress from the earliest stages of the project cycle through to completion of extensive refurbishments and fit-outs. His drive and expertise are the secret behind D&G's track record and an array of satisfied clients including blue chip and global operators.

DGOI Paul Gardener
Rob dgoi

Rob Erskine 
Project Manager

The 'partitions-guru', Rob is the acknowledged specialist in interior fit-outs and looks after most of D&G's systems installations. Rob's expertise is not limited to technical aspects of partitioning however; he also understands how your operation and your staff will interact with the spaces created. This foresight makes a huge difference to the value the customer derives from their budget.

Fraser McLaren
Business Development

Fraser has been with D&G for over 14 years and looks after several of D&G’s larger accounts including Cardiff University. His wealth of experience is appreciated by customers and colleagues alike. He is also the biggest coffee drinker in Cardiff!



Fraser McLaren
office interiors Michelle Sheppard

Michelle Sheppard
Interior Designer

Michelle has been with D&G for over 10 years and has a keen eye for detail, fabric and colour. Frequently a creative catalyst among her D&G colleagues, she has a flair for lateral thinking and innovative design schemes which bring customers' ambitions in line with budgets.


Mike Butler
Operations Director

Another D&G 'lifer', Mike's 15 years have made him an integral part of the team. He looks after warehousing and deliveries, using D&G's resource planning system to put the brains behind what is often the 'grunt' part of the operation. The result is a well-oiled machine and satisfied customers throughout the UK.

Ellie Hunt dgoi

Ellie Hunt
Business Development

Ellie spent 10 years in the office interiors industry before joining D&G in 2014. Her sales experience coupled with a talent for creative, budget-conscious thinking have made her popular with new and existing customers.


Louise Lewis
Interior Designer

One of the ‘new intake’ in the Design department, Louise joined D&G only two years ago. A BA in Interior Design from the University of South Wales, Louise’s first job after graduating was designing kitchens and bathrooms. Useful experience? Well, Louise reckons office interiors ‘were almost like starting all over again!’ Favourite part of the job - getting to site to see her 3D visualisations being put into practice.


 Louise Website1
Michelle David

Michelle David
Business Development

Joining D&G in 2013, Michelle brought over 30 years experience of working with public sector clients to the company. Her dealings with higher and further education bodies, the Police and Fire Services and the NHS have honed her ability to manage the budgetary challenges presented.


Alex Stock O'Neil
Interior Designer

After D&G approached the University of South Wales in 2016 looking for a placement student to fit into their design department, Alex was shortlisted almost immediately. She continued working with D&G as she completed her BA in Interior Design, graduating in
May 2018.
Alex's obsession with furnishings and materials doesn't stop with work; she admits to using her home as a test bed for her design ideas.
She describes her colleagues as all very different but great to work with and multiple projects mean that every day is different.
Her style? Modern with natural elements.

 alex pic

Delivery and Installation Team

Gumption, horsepower, experience (yes, they probably have seen it all before) and a can-do attitude ensure D&G cover the last mile for their customers. Never short of a smile or the right-sized hex wrench, our installation team's cheery attitude doesn't detract from a focussed, professional approach to getting the job 'sorted' for the customer.