Educational Furniture

Educational furniture that's nearly too cool for school

Whether you're buying bright, inviting soft seating for pre-school children, stackable, adaptable ergonomic chairs for big school assemblies, or bean bags and more relaxed seating for an area to chill out, we've got a huge range of educational furniture to suit you.

Comfort is also key, encouraging children to stay at their desk and inviting them to concentrate and make the most of all the opportunities that come their way in the classroom. When you buy educational furniture like chairs and desks, you need to be sure that they will help children, teenagers and young adults to do their very best.


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Educational Furniture

Bean Bag

Soft Seating Bean Bags


Kopio 4 Leg

Kopio 4 Leg Student Chair


Mata Student Chair

Mata Student Chair


Space Oasis Seating

Spaceoasis Break Out Area Seating


Wall Mounted or Freestanding Bench Desks

Wall Mounted or Freestanding Bench Desk


Orangebox Reef Media

Orangebox Reef Media


Titan Four Leg Chair

School Titan Four Leg Chair

from... £19.00

Titan One Piece Chair

Titan One Piece School Chair

from... £23.00

School Rectangular Table

School Rectangular Table 1200 x 600

from... £57.00

Jonquil Meeting Chair

Jonquil Meeting Chair

from... £75.00

Newton Educational

Newton Educational Student Chair

from... £99.00

Tamperproof Student Classroom Chair

Gresham 290 Student Tamper Proof Chair

from... £103.00

ZigZag Soft Seating

ZigZag Soft Seating

from... £115.00

Jupiter Stool

Soft Seating Jupiter Stools

from... £140.00

Mobile Trolley Storage (18 Trays)

Classroom Beech Mobile Storage unit With 18 trays

from... £165.00

Cube Soft Seating

Gresham Cube Soft Seating

from... £174.00

Arrow Soft Seating

Gresham Arrow Soft Seating

from... £324.00

Elsa Beam Seating

Elsa Beam Seating

from... £386.00

Sedus Temptation High Media Desk

Sedus Temptation High Desk With Media Wall

from... £994.00