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If one thing is for certain, the way we work now is evolving at a faster rate now than ever before. On the day that Microsoft release their Office 365 cloud based software, we reflect at how the office furniture industry has evolved to support this new technological era. As an interior design and space planning specialist company, we are constantly designing modern working environments to allow for real face to face collaboration along with the contrast of the latest in video conference boardrooms which aid the speed at which business can be conducted on a global scale. Becoming more and more popular are the creation of communal and break-out areas to allow staff to relax and re-charge themselves throughout the day in order to truly improve their output and performance. This new age has seen the improvement in the ergonomics of working and specifically that of the humble office chair that has developed into a masterpiece of ergonomic engineering and rightly so, as according to statistics the average worker will spend 80,000 hours sitting down and working at their desk. If you feel your business model is changing and you would like your offices to reflect this change then why not contact one of our sales and design teams to arrange a free no obligation appointment to discuss your individual requirements in more detail.