Are You Sitting Comfortably ?

It's a question that isn't asked often enough especially when you consider the average worker could spend up to 80,000 hours sitting down at work.


For this reason we strongly believe it's something that should be given a higher priority in today's busy working environment and is why we are offering a free survey of your existing office chairs within the workplace.

In conjunction with your standard DSE assessment we can offer professional advice on the ergonomic workplace to ensure full compliance with current legislation. It's not a hard sell just simply an exercise that we can undertake to help you identify possible areas for improvement to ensure all of your staff are properly equipped to work comfortably in the workplace.

For further information please visit our website or pick up the phone and speak to us, we are always willing to give sound advice for any office furniture or seating questions that you may have (Tel 02920 360960)

For further information visit the HSE website