Orangebox 'Do' Operators Chair


The latest chair from Orangebox is taking the industry by storm !


This sleek looking chair has been designed from scratch to provide optimum adjustability and support to the end user. Above all it's not just stylish but extremely comfortable, here why :-

// Both the technical and upholstered mesh textiles adapt to
each user's body shape to always provide great back support. The
single skin mesh allows better temperature control and breathe-ability
than a traditional upholstered back.

// Because we know that good lumbar support is an important
factor in delivering great comfort, we've included this as
standard. Our flexible lumbar pad has 100mm of adjustment and
is easy to reach and to operate when you're sat in the chair.

// The seat controls are intuitive & simple; if it moves the seat,
then it's on the seat, with height adjustment on one side and
depth adjustment on the other.

// The weight balancing mechanism automatically adapts
to any size of user, taking away the need for the usual tension
adjustment & complicated chair 'set-up'.The optional travel limiter
allows back recline to three different angles but ensures that the
back can only ever be locked in the upright position.

For further information or to purchase this latest chair from the Orangebox range then contact our sales team now.