How to Choose a Bean Bag for Your Office?

The workplace should have interiors with vibrant colours and funky office furniture giving out bright and energetic vibes to everybody walking through the door. There are many employees who are self proclaimed workaholics. For them, there should be an area specially devoted for relaxation. This de-stress room should have all the elements of comfort and fun. One essential item to be included is the ‘bean bag’. A shapeless colourful fixture, it has become a must have in every office these days.


The history of Bean Bags

The bean bag probably originated in 1960 and went to become a globally recognised piece of furniture. The first ever beanbag chairs were pear-shaped leather bags filled with Styrofoam beans. Now, it has caught the attention of all home owners and corporate honchos. These otherwise slouchy, shapeless bean-filled sacs are gaining fast popularity with their cool and quirky designs. People are finding many ingenious uses for such a versatile item.
This is one thing you should include while making designing a comfort zone for the office
An innovative piece of Furniture
When you think of office furniture especially about the chairs, you can opt for either the executive classy ones or the ergonomically designed ones. But these days another type of furniture has caught everybody’s attention. Categorised as funky office furniture, beanbags are a rage now especially in offices dabbling with futuristic furniture designs.
They are sealed bags which contain dried beans, pellets of PVC or polystyrene which can be expanded. A unique property of bean bag is that they are so soft that they are incapable of causing any injury.

Spoilt for Choice    

funky furniture bean bagTo keep up with the constant demand and meet the various customer requirements, bean bags today come in variety of textures, colours, shapes and sizes. You can choose one that meets your aesthetic sensibilities and budget. Previously available only in leather, design experimentation has generated fibre, jute, cloth, synthetic and vinyl versions. These bags were expensive before but are now obtained at affordable prices.

Comfort Zone

No office is complete without its cafeteria. It is a place where you can relax, let go of your work for a while and allow yourself some free time. Such a place should have plenty of beanbags as it is one of the most comfortable forms of furniture. In a cafe you would certainly like to promote a laidback and casual attitude. Ideally employees can their coffee or watch television while lounging around.
As bean bags are available in various scales from baby to XXL (extra extra large), every can fit into it and have their bit of fun.

Long term Usage

Like all other things, bean bags too wear off after being used for couple of years. The comfort level gets reduced as the Styrofoam bean fillings become flattened. Hence, the inner fillings of bean bag chairs need to be changed periodically. Such fillings are easily available with bean bag manufacturers. You can even obtain new covers for the bean bags and have a brand new design or colour.


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