Five Tips to Improve Productivity at Office

Each and every individual at office works towards only one goal, growth and career prospects. All these are directly proportional to ‘productivity’.  Any organisation would want its employees to be extra productive. Then again working in a place and a position for a long time can act as a deterrent to productivity. So, the organisation too should think on the ways to improve the output of the employees.




You may ask yourself, can furniture or rather the workstation be a cause of low productivity. The answer to the question is ‘yes’, it can be. A person who spends maximum time at office is bound to get stressed out. And if he has a poor workstation with a dull look and stiff chairs then his attention gets side tracked.
So, in order to make him comfortable and brighten up things you can choose from many of the funky office furniture available in the market. Once the employee is attuned to work rather than worrying about the furniture, productivity is bound to improve.


Everyone needs motivation in all spheres of life. Workplace too is no different. Being in a same place, seeing the same people and doing the same work over and over again make things monotonous. Work which sounded exciting and fun in the beginning becomes boring and takes the ugly form of repetitiveness as the days pass by.
A bit of motivation to spruce up the spirit of the employees wouldn’t hurt. As it is a psychological thing, you have to find a way where even a dull paper work seems interesting. A pat on the back and appreciation of the work can do the trick.

Healthy Competition

From ages competition has played a huge role to up the individual and improve. Nowadays, work is mostly team based. So, when distribution of task is done among the teams and the same is analysed at the end of each month, an appraisal and announcement of the best team can certainly boost productivity as a whole. The competitive attitude is a constructive approach towards self improvement as well.

Incentives & Perks

All employees tend to work hard to justify their salary or remuneration at the end of each month. But does their hard work actually help to increase productivity? May be ‘yes’ or may be ‘no’. The doubt is always there.
You can do away with these doubts if you introduce certain incentives and perks as per the job and tasks given to them.
You will see a manifold increase in productivity as employees are happy to give that extra effort to earn the additional amount. You can probably introduce some funky office furniture as a form of reward to hardworking employees.

Games & Tournaments

All work and no play take away the fun part from life. Introducing weekly games may be a good idea to take away the dullness from work. You can have few indoor games like table tennis, billiard, bowling so that employees can relax a bit and have fun too at work.
Arranging tournaments among employees can be a stress buster too. This can help increase in productivity as employees are bound to feel more motivated.