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Here at D&G Office Interiors, we appreciate the importance of well-made office storage furniture to keep an office feeling sophisticated, ordered and stylish. Our wooden storage units bring simple storage solutions to the workplace – giving a great place to store a variety of work essentials.

With smooth, simple mechanisms, our wooden storage is extremely easy to use, and gives effortlessness and space to an office. 

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terri tory

terri tory is the new flexible modular storage system from ...


Wooden Bookcase

Wooden Bookcase

from... £141.00

Radial Storage Cupboard

Gresham Radial Wooden Storage Cupboard

from... £158.00

Filing Cabinet

Wooden Drawer Filing Cabinet

from... £216.00

Hinged Door Storage Cupboard

Wooden Storage Cupboard

from... £237.00

Side Opening Tambour Cupboard

Cupboard with side opening tambour door.

from... £270.00

Vertical Tambour Storage Cupboard

Gresham Vertical Tambour Tall Wooden Storage Cupboard

from... £357.00

2 Tier Radial Side Opening Tambour Storage

Gresham 2 Tier Radial Side Opening Tambour Storage Cupboard

from... £374.00