Wooden Office Storage, Bookcases and CupboardsMess and disorganisation can really spoil the productivity and atmosphere of a workplace. For the majority of office workers, an organised workplace with stylish, well-designed storage units is more conducive to happiness and positive performance.

When the time comes to buy office furniture, many find that wooden storage office storage units can really transform a workplace – giving it deceptive amounts of space, and creating a stylish, elegant atmosphere. Wood has been chosen for centuries for its reliable properties: it\'s sturdy, strong and doesn\'t rust, while it also gives a homely tone to offices, helping rooms to feel personal, warm and engaging.

Buy Office Furniture and Wooden Storage at D&G Office Interiors

Here at D&G Office Interiors, we appreciate the importance of well-made office storage furniture to keep an office feeling sophisticated, ordered and stylish. Our wooden storage units bring simple storage solutions to the workplace – giving a great place to store a variety of work essentials.

With smooth, simple mechanisms, our wooden storage is extremely easy to use, and gives effortlessness and space to an office. Our wooden storage range includes:

• Lockers
• Filing cupboards
• Desk pedestals
• Mobile storage
• Shelving and racking
• & much more

Whether you\'re storing archives, accounts, furniture or other office accessories, you\'ll find a wide range of office storage furniture in a variety of finishes, styles and designs to complement the personality of your office.

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terri tory

terri tory is the new flexible modular storage system from ...


Radial Storage Cupboard

Gresham Radial Wooden Storage Cupboard

from... £158.00

Three Tier Bookacse

Gresham Three Tier Wooden Bookcase

from... £166.00

Two Drawer Filing Cabinet

Gresham Two Drawer Filing Cabinet

from... £190.00

Two Door Low Storage Cupboard

Gresham Two Door Low Wooden Storage Cupboard

from... £191.00

Three Drawer Filing Cabinet

Gresham Three Drawer Filing Cabinet

from... £224.00

Side Opening Tambour Cupboard

Cupboard with side opening tambour door.

from... £270.00

Four Drawer Filing Cabinet

Gresham Four Drawer Filing Cabinet

from... £275.00

Two Door Tall Storage Cupboard

Gresham Two Door Tall Wooden Storage Cupboard

from... £293.50

Four Tier Bookacse

Gresham Four Tier Wooden Bookcase

from... £304.00

Vertical Tambour Storage Cupboard

Gresham Vertical Tambour Tall Wooden Storage Cupboard

from... £357.00

2 Tier Radial Side Opening Tambour Storage

Gresham 2 Tier Radial Side Opening Tambour Storage Cupboard

from... £374.00