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Wide Range of Quality School & Classroom Furniture.


We have a wide range of comfortable, flexible educational furniture that will help to encourage productivity within the classroom. Ergonomics aren't just for offices and with our robust products, you can be sure it will last the test of time.

Whether your school, college or university needs to modernise your existing classroom, you require extra storage or you’re looking to completely update your lunch area, you'll always discover what you’re looking for in our comprehensive assortment of chairs, tables, bookcases and creative storage solutions. You’ll also find a wide selection of classroom desks and tables that are ideal for any educational setting.

Our many years of experience in kitting our schools, colleges and universities give us the knowledge and experience to create inspiring and functional workspaces and having recently been awarded the NPS contract for education furniture and office furniture we would be delighted to work with you in your quest for a better school, college or university setting.

Bean Bag

Soft Seating Bean Bags

Kopio 4 Leg

Kopio 4 Leg Student Chair

Wall Mounted or Freestanding Bench Desks

Wall Mounted or Freestanding Bench Desk

Titan Four Leg Chair

School Titan Four Leg Chair

Sales price: £19.00

Titan One Piece Chair

Titan One Piece School Chair

Sales price: £23.00

Jonquil Meeting Chair

Jonquil Meeting Chair

Sales price: £75.00

School Rectangular Table

School Rectangular Table 1200 x 600

Sales price: £77.00

Newton Educational

Newton Educational Student Chair

Sales price: £99.00

Tamperproof Student Classroom Chair

Gresham 290 Student Tamper Proof Chair

Sales price: £103.00

ZigZag Soft Seating

ZigZag Soft Seating

Sales price: £115.00

Jupiter Stool

Soft Seating Jupiter Stools

Sales price: £140.00

Mobile Trolley Storage (18 Trays)

Classroom Beech Mobile Storage unit With 18 trays

Sales price: £165.00

Sedus Temptation High Media Desk

Sedus Temptation High Desk With Media Wall

Sales price: £994.00