Educational Furniture

Educational furniture.

We have a wide range of comfortable, flexible furniture that will help to encourage productivity within the classroom.

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Educational Furniture

Sedus Temptation High Media Desk

Sedus Temptation High Desk With Media Wall

from... £994.00

Elsa Beam Seating

Elsa Beam Seating

from... £386.00

Arrow Soft Seating

Gresham Arrow Soft Seating

from... £324.00

Cube Soft Seating

Gresham Cube Soft Seating

from... £174.00

Mobile Trolley Storage (18 Trays)

Classroom Beech Mobile Storage unit With 18 trays

from... £165.00

Jupiter Stool

Soft Seating Jupiter Stools

from... £140.00

ZigZag Soft Seating

ZigZag Soft Seating

from... £115.00

Tamperproof Student Classroom Chair

Gresham 290 Student Tamper Proof Chair

from... £103.00

Newton Educational

Newton Educational Student Chair

from... £99.00

Jonquil Meeting Chair

Jonquil Meeting Chair

from... £75.00

School Rectangular Table

School Rectangular Table 1200 x 600

from... £57.00

Titan One Piece Chair

Titan One Piece School Chair

from... £23.00

Titan Four Leg Chair

School Titan Four Leg Chair

from... £19.00

Orangebox Reef Media

Orangebox Reef Media


Bean Bag

Soft Seating Bean Bags


Kopio 4 Leg

Kopio 4 Leg Student Chair


Mata Student Chair

Mata Student Chair


Space Oasis Seating

Spaceoasis Break Out Area Seating


Wall Mounted or Freestanding Bench Desks

Wall Mounted or Freestanding Bench Desk