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Our soft seating collection has been designed to bring people together to create collaborative, agile workplaces.

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Tryst 4 Seat Booth

A versatile collection of high back and low back sofas and ...

from... £5,266.00

Tryst Consult Armchair

A versatile collection of high back and low back sofas and ...

from... £1,951.00

Tryst Low And High Back Sofa

Low back 2 seat sofa with black or polished aluminium legs

from... £1,582.00

Tryst Armchair

high back and low back armchair with black or polished ...

from... £1,127.00

Steps Lounge

The Steps Lounge chair comes with an optional high, ...

from... £1,058.00

Take Off Two Seater Sofa

Gresham Take Off Two Seater Sofa

from... £1,022.00

Vale Single Chair

Orangebox Vale Armchair

from... £961.00

Coco Single Armchair

Coco Single Armchair

from... £867.00

Tolv Modular Bench Seating

Tolv Modular Seating

from... £800.00


A contemporary modular sofa system

from... £728.00


Statement high back seating for enhanced privacy and comfort

from... £699.00


Masca is a contemporary lounge chair.

from... £674.00

Chatte Two Seater Sofa

Gresham Chatte Two Seater Sofa

from... £652.00


Kala Chair With Oak Base

from... £650.00

Swoosh Sofa

Two seater low back sofa

from... £650.00

Steps Compact

The Steps compact chair is a slightly smaller version of ...

from... £596.00

OXY Two Seater Sofa

Gresham OXY Two Seater

from... £586.00


A fusion of Scandinavian sentiment & contemporary design

from... £575.00


Kala chair high back with silver wire base

from... £550.00

Atrium Two Seater Sofa

Gresham Atrium Two Seater Sofa

from... £540.00

OXY Tub Chair

Gresham OXY Tub Chair

from... £499.00


Betsy is a stylish family of contemporary tub chairs that ...

from... £498.00


Korus Chair With Oak Base

from... £440.00

Chatte Tub Chair

Gresham Chatte Tub Chair

from... £387.00

Neos Skid Frame Chair

Gresham Neos Tub Chair

from... £377.00


Korus Armchair with silver 4 leg base

from... £349.00

Sedus On Spot Cosy

Club chair for home & office

from... £316.00

Atrium Chair

Gresham Atrium Chair

from... £316.00

Moon Soft Seating

Gresham Moon Soft Seating

from... £262.00

Recycled Felt Vona Chair

Gresham Sustainable Vona chair

from... £262.00

Rounds Soft Seating

Gresham Rounds Soft Seating

from... £248.00

Swoosh Low Back Seat

Swoosh chairs with skid base

from... £243.00

Moka Felt

Nomique Moka Felt

from... £224.00

Cube Soft Seating

Gresham Cube Soft Seating

from... £174.00


The reconfigurable modular sofa