- Fireproof Storage & Safes

- Fireproof Storage & Safes

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Fireproof Safes and Fireproof Office Storage – for really secure storage

Does your home or business have things that need protecting? In the event of disaster, you need to be absolutely sure that your home, office or business has what it needs to survive. Unlikely as it may seem, if a fire, flood or natural disaster struck your office and you haven't prepared for it, then the effects can be horrific.

By ensuring that files, papers and other valuable accessories are kept in waterproof & fireproof safes, you're allowing your home, business and life to continue as best it can after a disaster. Also, storing vital documents such as insurance certificates, legal documents and passports in waterproof & fireproof safes is vital, as these are the very documents that you'll need in the aftermath of an emergency.

A waterproof safe can provide high levels of security to your office, protecting you not just in natural disasters but in the event of a robbery – allowing you peace of mind at all times at work and letting you got on with the job, free of worry.

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Chubbsafes Profile NT60

Chubbsafes Profile Four Drawer Fire-Resistent Document ...

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Chubbsafes Data Plus Fire-Resistant Safe

Chubbsafes ForceGuard Cupboard

Chubbsafes ForceGuard Security Cupboard