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Armstrong Ultima Ceiling Tile

Armstrong Ultima Ceiling Tile
Armstrong Ultima Ceiling Tile
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At D&G Office Interiors as part of our suspended ceilings range the Armstrong Ultima Ceiling Tiles can be supplied and fitted with a new ceiling grid. Price is based on a single office of 50sqm and is priced per square metre.  

Benefits of the Armstrong Ultima Range

  • Ultima ceiling tiles with a fine, non-directional texture and a tegular edge are easy to cut and instal, resulting in less waste and time.
  • Acoustic ceiling tiles can help reduce noise in a room and prevent sound from travelling between rooms.
  • Scratch-resistant, impact-resistant, and soil-resistant fabric.
  • These commercial ceiling tiles resist sagging, mould, and mildew and are suitable for high-humidity environments, including but not limited to standing water and outdoor locations. Offices, hospitals, classrooms, hallways, lobbies, and retail are common ceiling applications. It's also a good choice for a basement ceiling.

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Armstrong Ultima Ceiling Tile
Armstrong Ultima Ceiling Tile