The Covid19 lockdown has led us all to re- imagine the traditional office space in order to maximize productivity and reduce unused space. Many people believe that working from home has not decreased productivity, however most office workers say they’ve missed collaborating with colleagues in person.




Will the ‘new normal’ recognise that focus work is done mostly at home, with a little in the office? Will workplace design and fit-outs be geared more towards collaboration? Therefore fewer desks, and more variety of different spaces to meet, connect and build relationships; key trends which we saw developing even pre-Covid.

Working from home has provided us all with more time, though the lines are blurring between home and work life. Adopting a more hybrid work arrangement can help with this, as well as lessen the chance of poor mental health caused by loneliness in employees.



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Having the choice to go to a physical office is key for employee satisfaction, particularly so, as many thrive off feeling part of a community.

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