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Collaborative Furniture & Seating Booths

If there's one single piece of office furniture that will set the standard of the entire workplace and the way in which your team collaborate with each other it will all be down to the collaborative soft seating areas that you create within an open plan office.

These are versatile seating and meeting booths that can have both power and data built in so these can be used for casual or remote workers or as part of your hybrid office workforce.  The seating booths offer a softer and more comfortable space to ensure staff feel at ease in their surroundings whilst providing acoustic properties to absorb idle chatter and background noise.

Often the seating pods are the focal point of the open plan office to provide visually appearing seating that's ideal for quick informal group meetings or simply a place to take a break from your desk and read a report or why not catch up with a few work colleagues and brainstorm some ideas together.  Functional office furniture that can be many different things to many different people is exactly what the modern agile office is all about.  Just get in touch and we would be happy to show you how to achieve the most out of your workforce and office space.


A seating system with a sustainable application

Nomad seating

A unique collection of mobile furniture which offers a ...


A grid system to create spaces to focus, collaborate, ...


Reconfigurable modular sofa

Mastermind Flow

Sedus Mastermind flow


Solutions for agile working

Bodyn Pod

Bodyn pods offer a space to meet, focus and collaborate.

Se:fit Stool

Se:fit Height Adjustable Stool

Sales price from: £145.00

Sedus Temptation High Media Desk

Sedus Temptation High Desk With Media Wall

Sales price from: £1,467.00


100% recyclable high back privacy booth

Sales price from: £1,566.00

Milli Booth

Milli Sit or Stand Zoom Acoustic Booth

Sales price from: £5,600.00

Arny Lite Booth

Sixteen3 Arny Lite 4-6 Person Booth

Sales price from: £5,630.00

Tryst 4 Seat Booth

100% Recyclable

Sales price from: £6,355.00