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Office Storage Solutions

Create a better, more organised working environment with our many storage collections. Our multi-functional storage and shelving modules can be cleverly used to create zones within an open plan space, whilst improving office efficiency and the look and feel of the office.

Long gone are the rows of metal filing cabinets and tambour cupboards and now, in the modern office we are seeing increasingly smart offices spaces that are designed with built in storage or multi-functional storage units that can provide different textured finishes and different height levels throughout an open plan office and even combined to create seating areas themselves.

The trend for lockers to support hot desking and agile office spaces is instrumental in bridging the gap for the hybrid office workers who may work in the office one or two days a week.  Rather than keeping one desk solely for their use everything we design in an agile office for hybrid workers in key to be used constantly by different staff throughout each day.  Bespoke lockers within the open plan office allow workers to store their personal items in a safe locked compartment whilst at work which means the office doesn't get cluttered with personal effects, these lockers can come with an array of locking options right from a standard key lock or padlock all the way through to digital locks and RFID locks for linking in with the swipe card access that you would use on your ID security cards.

Why not speak to us about your requirements and let us provide you with a solution that fits your business and maximises your entire working space to be more functional for your staff.