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Whether you’re buying comfortable chairs for a doctor’s surgery or beam seating for waiting rooms, our extensive range of NHS furniture covers all your healthcare needs. As suppliers of healthcare furniture, we are here to help, call us on 02920 360960 for more information.


Many of our products have been developed in accordance with the requirements of present-day healthcare and hospital settings. We've worked hard to incorporate design elements to address health-related issues, lessen unnecessary manual handling, and all while focussing on delivering the highest level of comfort achievable.


The growing demand for hospital furniture to withstand the pressures and strains of everyday life is crucial within the NHS. With meticulous research and development, we are continually meeting this requirement with our range of furniture. 


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NHS Furniture

Gresham Reception Desk

Gresham Modular Reception Desk


Lynstock Meeting Chair

Lynstock Meeting Chair

from... £87.00

Industrial Laboratory Stool

Gresham Industrial Laboratory Stool

from... £89.00

Four Door Probe Locker

Four Door Probe Locker

from... £110.00

Industrial Laboratory Chair

Gresham Industrial Laboratory Chair

from... £136.00

Adlington Operator Chair PCB - Infection Control Fabric

Gresham Adlington Operator Chair With Permanent Contact ...

from... £141.00

Industrial Laboratory High Chair

Gresham Industrial Laboratory Draughtmans Chair

from... £173.00

Platinum Ergonomic Task Chair (Infection Control Fabric)

Gresham High Back Platinum Ergonomic Task Chair

from... £220.00

Platinum Ergonomic Task Chair

Gresham Platinum Ergonomic Task Chair

from... £258.00

Platinum Ergonomic Task Chair

Gresham Platinum Ergonomic Task Chair With Independent Seat ...

from... £276.00

Elsa Beam Seating

Elsa Beam Seating

from... £386.00

Manual D3K Height Adjustable Desk

D3K Manual Height Adjustable Desk

from... £426.00

Bromley 24/7 Control Room Chair

Gresham Bromley 24/7 Control Room Chair

from... £441.00

Rise Height Adjustable Desk

Gresham Motor Driven Height Adjustable Desk

from... £670.00