Screens & Acoustics

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Acoustic Panels 

There are so many acoustic and screen products that can enhance sound and increase privacy within your workplace. From desktop screens to acoustic wall panels, the list of names continues! 

The sound-absorbing products are designed to reduce background noise and echo within the space. Interior materials, existing furniture, and the activity of the space are important factors to consider when determining the location of the acoustic products. 



Sound waves work differently in larger spaces compared to smaller ones. We can recommend the best products to use within your space to ensure less sound energy is bouncing back into the room. 

These multifunctional products can be playfully added into any workspace and can be creatively used to define spaces for collaboration, group work, and semi-private meetings. 




 Desktop Fabric, Protective and Floor Standing Screens 

Our desktop and floor standing screens are available in attractive colours and offer a multitude of design options. They are a great way to separate users, hide cables and incorporate colours into the office.


View our screen collection here.




To increase personal protection in the workplace we offer a large collection of safety screens. We have freestanding screens and ones that can be added to existing desktop screens. Our acrylic glass screens help reduce the spread of bacteria, they are easy to clean and they are perfect for adding additional protection in the workplace.


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