Tai Calon Community Housing Association

  • Tai Calon Community Housing Association
  • Tai Calon Community Housing Association

Tai Calon housing association are focused on improving the well-being of their employees, with this in mind and with staff involvement we created a space that allows them to decide where and how they work.

We introduced a new space labelled ‘the lounge’ that supports and caters for multiple individuals. The room was designed to help staff decompress and relax and use it as they see fit. It’s a comfortable space for women to breastfeed and quiet enough for prayers.

With limited natural daylight we designed an indoor garden feature surrounded by eco-friendly plants which help to bring elements of the outdoors in. The bespoke planter units’ section off the open plan space and guide users into a collaboration area.


Sustainability has been the forefront of this project, we chose sustainable furniture, fabrics and materials whilst utilising as much existing furniture into the re-design as possible. Focusing on refurbishment, we reused existing doors, wiring, cable trunking and recycled 750m2 of existing carpet tiles which were replaced with new carbon neutral flooring. Three tonnes of commercial reinforced glass were collected and crushed to create builders’ sand, preventing the glass going into landfill.

With less desks employees can now explore new spaces and connect with colleagues from other departments allowing freedom and fluidity around the office. With a variety of collaboration areas and private focus zones staff productivity can now be maximised.