Sustainable Workspaces


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 We believe in creating workspaces that not only enhance the well-being of individuals but also prioritise the health of our planet. By implementing sustainable practices and innovative technologies, we strive to minimise our ecological footprint and create spaces that inspire creativity and productivity. 


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 In a world that's facing pressing environmental challenges, it's crucial for all of us to take action, and that includes our workplaces. Sustainability isn't just a buzzword; it's a responsibility we share to create a better future.

As a company, we are developing our environmental management system EMS in line with BS EN ISO14001:2015 requirements and aim to obtain external certification by Q4 2024. Therefore, we strive to improve sustainability performance via feedback and continuous review of our operations, projects and their environmental impacts. This includes our selection and use of suppliers, products and contractors, our waste management strategy and our internal operational processes that impact on the environment. A particular focus of our EMS is monitoring and reducing our resource and energy use. 





One of our key targets is to become carbon neutral by 2034 and we are working on an emission reduction target plan (Net Zero), to be validated by the Science Based Targets Initiative or equivalent. We currently monitor and calculate our annual carbon emission footprint, following GHG protocol guidance.

Last year, we installed LED lights with PIR light sensors in our showroom, kitchen and toilets to save electricity consumption when not required. This year we replaced our entire warehouse lighting and sensor system.

Our delivery vehicles are bespoke; we consider maximum load volume and minimum weight to optimise the number of journeys we make, hence reducing our fuel consumption and associated vehicle CO2e emissions.

We currently have two company vehicles that are fully electric and are prioritised as pool cars to maximise their use over their diesel equivalents. We have installed a charging point on our premises, for both internal and external by any clients or supplier representatives who drive when visiting. We will investigate changing all company commercial and management vehicles to hybrid and electrically charged versions as our fleet becomes due for renewal.

Our main suppliers are certified to BS EN IS0 14001:2015 or equivalent and our main supplier has targets to reduce packaging as part of their environmental aims and objectives.

Our chairs are now delivered in tied re-usable loose bags that are returned to the manufacturer for re-use rather than single use. Re-usable cardboard corner protectors for desks are now used instead of single use plastic ones. Multi-purpose boxes for drawer and cupboard units are now unprinted (therefore multi-purpose) and can be collapsed and returned to the manufacturer after delivery to our warehouse.


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Embracing workplace sustainability benefits the environment by reducing carbon footprints and resource consumption, it also fosters a culture of responsible business practices, enhancing employee satisfaction and contributing to our success.


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Implementing sustainability practices in the workplace can bring about a wide range of benefits. 

- Energy Efficiency: Say goodbye to energy wastage! Sustainable design focuses on optimising energy use through innovative technologies in heating, cooling, lighting and data provision. This helps reduce costs and carbon footprints.  

- Healthier Spaces: A sustainable workplace promotes a healthier and happier workforce. Improved air quality, access to natural light, and green spaces contribute to a positive work environment, enhancing employee well-being. Employees are more likely to feel engaged and proud of their workplace when they know their company is committed to making a positive impact. Sustainability initiatives can foster a sense of purpose and community.

- Environmental Harmony: Sustainable design minimises environmental impact by using eco-friendly materials, reducing waste, and embracing renewable resources. By going green at work, we play a part in safeguarding our environment for future generations.

- Brand Image: Consumers and stakeholders are increasingly valuing socially responsible businesses. Embracing sustainability boosts your brand image and can attract environmentally conscious customers and partners.


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Actively collaborating with our clients and suppliers, we can reduce our impact on the planet.

Reusing and repurposing furniture significantly reduces projects costs, making sustainable design an economically viable option for businesses. Additionally, clients can take pride in the fact that they are contributing to a more sustainable future.

Working closely with our clients, we can reuse and repurpose furniture and fixings to create a functional space that’s eco-friendly and reflects a forward-thinking approach to design and corporate responsibility.

We recently project managed a refit for a housing association and reused/re-purposed a lot of their existing items, rather than disposing to landfill:

- Carpet tiles from the main open plan office - approximately 748 square meters 

74% of this carpet was reused within the next phase of the project, with the other 26% being given to a local primary school.

- Metalwork from the old stud corridor wall - approximately half a tonne sent to a metal scrap merchant for recycling.

- Glass from the corridor/meeting rooms - approximately 3 tonnes sent to a glass specialist to be crushed and made into recycled builder's aggregate. 

- Data & Power cables / cable trunking - 100s of metres was rerouted and reused into the new office layout.  


endpictureGet in touch today to schedule a consultation, and allow our team of specialists to lead you through the journey of creating an eco-friendly office environment with sustainable design, fit-out solutions.

Collaboratively, we can create a lasting influence and set the foundation for a brighter future.