How Office Design Affects Productivity


Looking to boost office morale? See our tips for improving productivity in the workplace.


Work Productivity

One of the hardest things you can do is running a business even though there are streamlined processes in play. You need to ensure that all corners of your business are covered to steer the business in the right direction. The most important element to consider is employee’s productivity and the number of factors that greatly affect it.

Workplace design is one of the things that has been overlooked when improving the work environment. There are a lot of benefits employees can gain from a well-designed working space. Starting from the most basic foundation that can boost your employee’s productivity, strategic office design is at the top.

You are likely to face delays in tasks since employees are likely to be off schedules if an office space is not well designed. Before you rent or buy an office space, ensure you take a moment to check the design pros and cons to make the right decision. At D&G Office Interiors we know the best office designs that can help your employees improve their productivity.


Your eyes can either positively or negatively affect your brain activities, depending on what you have seen. Therefore, the addition of colours to your office will benefit your employees in different ways.

The right visual combination will always affect you positively by boosting creativity, raising morale and reducing stress. You can add different colour themes to your office depending on the industry needs. A specific theme will have a certain element that improves employee’s functionalities hence boosting work productivity.

Poor lighting can cause stress, tiredness, headache and eye strain. It is important to take advantage of natural lighting.

Ventilation and Lighting

Employees will be in their offices most times of the day. Therefore, a well-ventilated and adequately lit working area can motivate them to attend work daily. According to research, a well ventilated and lit work environment reduces absenteeism hence increasing satisfaction.

Being comfortable at work will decrease the number of absenteeism and improve satisfaction which consequently results in increased productivity.

Poor air conditioning and ventilation systems can cause health problems and discomfort; hence, many employees will miss work in the name of seeking treatment, lowering productivity.


The main aim of practising ergonomic activities is to improve working conditions and productivity. This will reduce potential fatigue, strains and associated health risks. For example, poor desk settings can affect employee’s wrists, back, hands and joint, which can increase cases of absenteeism hence increasing organisation cost.

Different offices have different ergonomic considerations depending on the type of work and office equipment.

Personal Workspace

Many employees consider a chaotic and disorganised workplace a difficult and time-consuming environment to perform any task. However, some individuals can prefer a busy and cluttered workspace. You need to consider some factors when looking for a simple and streamline workspace.

 • Keep close to the items you use frequently.

 • Delete or recycle documents that are not in use.

 • Use an organised system to fill paper and digital documents.

office Furniture

Workplace comfort is so important in reducing work-related injuries. Because of that, employees will be very satisfied, resulting in increased productivity and fewer absent cases.

Many employees will be seated during the day; hence a comfortable chair and desk will maintain their health. We have a wide range of office seating options to choose from.

Office furniture includes:

 • Chair

 • Desk

 • Bookcase

 • Meeting chair and table

 • Sofa

 • Filling cabinet

The Benefit of an Office Designer

An office designed with passion and intent is the best office space that employees can take pride in. Due to that, it can boost workplace productivity and overall office morale. The main ingredient in creating a well-organised and well-designed office is hiring a professional. Below are some of the benefits of using the help of an office designer when developing productive office space.

Save money and time

Professionals can make strategic decisions that will reduce the cost of the entire designing process since they do not have to experiment with different styles.

Use of high-quality materials

Professional office designers know the right materials to use and connections to have high-quality material.

Maximising office space

Office designers know how to make use of available space in a precise way. They will make sure your office space is designed to improve productivity.

Great vision

Planning to design your office space can be overwhelming sometimes. It is not easy to see the bigger picture. A professional designer will offer you a mock-up design to expect after the project.

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