Quarterback Mesh Task Chair

Sedus Quarterback High Back Mesh Task Chair
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The Quarterback chair is an elegant, office swivel chair, giving plenty of space for productive well-being. The particularly high backrest provides a secure hold and offers the basis for concentrated work in every position.

Sitting healthy can be so comfortable  

Generously dimensioned and elegant, Sedus quarterback is an office swivel chair that significantly enhances productive well-being. The especially high backrest secures the body firmly and, in any position, encourages concentrated working. But it is not just the generous backrest that is convincing – dynamic lines, the striking silhouette, and a wide range of versions with different features and colours express a variety of styles. A chair is full of character you’ll be happy to confide in.

Upright well-being

Working, sitting upright and concentrating or simply leaning back and relaxing? Both are possible with the quarterback swivel chair. Thanks to its especially high backrest, it holds the body securely in any position – irrespective of the person's size. With a seat depth of 380 mm and a horizontal seat adjustment distance of 60 mm, it provides optimal support for the upper thighs. At the same time, the seat can be inclined by four degrees, enabling a sitting position that is slightly tilted forward and matches one's personal needs.

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Quarterback Chair
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