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Monitor Arms and Computer Holders

Are you looking for more space on your desk? If your employees' working areas are looking a little cramped and space is at a premium in the office, it may be worth looking at monitor arms and computer holders to store your computing essentials.

And while monitor arms are certainly a great way to save space on a desk and for employees to enjoy a little more surface area, they're also very good at keeping staff in good health on the job. The ergonomic pieces are flexible, so you can achieve the right height and the perfect angle adjustment – suiting the individual needs of each member of staff.

Where monitor arms are created for the screen above the desk, computer holders are designed to hold the computer 'box' just under the table, freeing up space below the desk, and also making the computer easier to reach when inserting CDs and USB sticks.

No matter what you're after, speak to our friendly team today on 02920 360960 for a FREE no-obligation quotation on monitor arms and computer holders for your business.

Bench CPU Adjustable Holder

Gresham Bench CPU Adjustable Holder

Sales price from: £155.00

Ollin Monitor arm

A world first in monitor arm technology.

Sales price from: £179.00