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Office Dining Tables – Eat and live well at work

Are your employees eating well? Ensure that they have an office canteen to be proud of with attractive, durable, and comfortable office dining tables.

For employees to be happy, comfortable, and productive, it's important that they can enjoy their lunchtime in a pleasant office canteen with clean, cohesive, and comfortable office dining tables.

Many business owners (not to mention health and safety) agree that staff should take breaks away from their desks, and fresh, attractive dining tables are all part of making a dining room inviting. A period of relaxation with workmates around a dining table will encourage them to unwind and to eat healthily – recharging their batteries before they hit their desks in the afternoon.


Centro Rectangular Table

Connection Centro Rectangular Table 2000mmx1000mm

Sales price from: £1,968.00

LTD Dining Table Trumpet Base

Gresham LTD Dining Table Ø1000

Sales price from: £346.00

LTC Dining Table

LTC Dining Height Table Ø1000

Sales price from: £282.00

LTF Table

Gresham LTF Dining Table With Flat Black Profile Base 700dia

Sales price from: £247.00

LTA Circular Dining Table

LTA Dining Table With Black Frame & Base

Sales price from: £217.00