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(July 2020) COVID-19 - Getting back to the office!

Coronavirus is keeping many of us from the office, but now is the time to think about adapting the workplace for us to be able to return safely. 


Large volumes of employees returning to a shared workplace presents a huge risk for the spreading and contracting of Covid-19. Everyone simply cannot return to work and use their space the same way they once did, that is why we must adapt. Managing the number of workers will be critical to protecting workplace health. The higher the number, the higher the risk. We can anticipate that workforces will have a new renewed focus on creating spaces that are safe and healthy.

Planning a staggered reintroduction to the office and establishing a rotating process where groups of employees work from the office every few days. Creating these groups across functional lines, both to ensure coverage across roles and to support employee distancing. Despite the availability of regular workplaces, it’s prudent for businesses to continue some form of remote working for several months (at least). Wellbeing and ergonomics are just as important for those working from home, so make sure these spaces are as effective as they can be. We provide a full working from home assessment, please get in touch to find out more. See our home working solutions that can be delivered straight to your door.


New policies and protocols must be put in place such as space management, cleaning and one-way systems, but what will this 'new normal' look like? Effective space planning of existing and new furniture will play a key part in the return to the office. Protective screens to protect you and others around your workstation, collaboration zones and corridor spaces. Floor and wall signage for navigation and distancing measures will help people keep a clear distance as well as putting any minds to rest. We will see cleaning stations and glove disposal bins, these adaptations will ensure the office is following the government guidelines.

We offer a full analysis of your current work environment and can put in place an effective strategy that will make your office a safe place to return to. We offer a detailed social distancing space plan using your existing furniture or new to bring the workplace in line with covid-19 government guidelines. We can install protective screens to existing workstations and collaboration points that will enable staff to use these spaces effectively and safely. Implementing floor and wall signage meaning employees maintain a 2m distance and pinch points are avoided, signage also enables staff to navigate themselves in their new workplace safely and is a continuous reminder of distancing rules as all too easily our present state can be forgotten. We identify all potential touch points in your office and remove them preventing the spread of viruses.


Virtual meetings have proved successful and is something that can indeed be as productive and less time consuming as it eliminates travel. There for we can see a big demand for more virtual meeting spaces, technology, AV and telecommunications within an office going forward. These tweaks to our current workspaces are vital to overcome covid-19 and prepare for the future.

We know each work environment is unique and will need different adaptations, our designers have a high level of experience behind them and can remotely work with you to make your return to work as easy as possible. Contact us today to find out more about our full list of services and analysis of your office environment.

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