How to design your home office


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Our temporary makeshift “offices” were the perfect solution for home working at the beginning, however, as more of us are expected to work from home in the future and may not return to the office until next year, a space is needed in your home to support your work, keep you focused, and most importantly, ergonomic and comfortable furniture


Location, location, location.

If you don’t have the extra room to create a home office, that doesn’t mean you cannot create a designated workspace in your bedroom or living room. Think outside the box – for example, our Sedus desks have been used by our customers as “workstations” whilst doubling up as a children’s home working desk and a dressing table.



Office essentials – what do you need?

 Asking yourself a series of questions is the best way to figure out what you need in your workspace.

-         How much desktop space do you require? Our desks come in range of sizes, starting from 600x600mm.

-         Do you need storage?

-         Do you need to house a printer?

-         What other equipment is needed? Wireless keyboard and mouse, a laptop stand?

-         Do you need to access files or keep samples? Can these be stored in a pedestal or on a shelf above your desks?



Choose your home office furniture sensibly

Create that “work mode” feeling by having a designated place to work. Take your time researching office furniture, we recommend investing in the best furniture for your budget to support your body throughout the day, whilst suiting the look of your space.

Industry standard of a home office desk is 730mm from the floor to the top of the work surface. To add more movement and flexibility in your working space, a height adjustable desk is the perfect answer. It’s perfect for all users and can help take the strain off your back due to changing body postures, whilst helping to keep your mind active.



How to pick the best ergonomic office chair

You’re spoilt with choice when it comes to office chairs. For your home office, it’s easy to go for something that looks soft and stylish, however if you’re going to spend the day sitting on it, you may want to consider something that supports your posture and takes the strain off your neck and back.

When you Google “best home office chairs” the choice is overwhelming, but fear not, because we a selection of modern, practical ergonomic task chairs that will complement your new home working space on our website. - Ergonomic working from home furniture UK that you can buy right now.


What Kind of chair do I need?


- Fixed chairs (such a tub chairs, that can be used for dining chairs too) These are perfect for occasional use (less than 2 hours). 

IMAGE BELOW - Sedus On Spot Cosy



- Swivel chairs – Some of these chairs have automatic user adjustment and have the flexibility to change upholstery pads. They have a modern design that will look great in your workspace. (Recommended use 2-6 hours)

IMAGE BELOW - Sedus Semotion  



- Ergonomic chairs – These are perfect for those who are working from home or in the office for more than 4 hours a day. We also recommend having multiple breaks throughout the day to prevent any strain to your body. 





 Take your time in researching task chairs, even give us a ring, and we can help recommend the best ergonomic home working chairs suited to your body and budget.



Get creative with your home working space


Work with the space you have – need more storage? Use the walls, add notice boards or shelves that will not only help to create a super stylish office, it will maximise storage opportunity.

If your WFH (Working From Home) space is in an office, alcove or in your bedroom, why not define the space with tailored lighting, rugs and some hanging plants to help bring the outdoors in and give you a sense of calm.



Make the most of natural light

If possible, position your workstation close to the window to benefit from natural light. Not only will it visually create a stunning workspace, but natural light helps to reduce eye strain. When the sun does decide to show itself, it’s known to improve your mood and help to boost your energy.



Add a touch of nature

Plants not only look good on your office shelves, they’re a good way to boost motivation. If you are new to plants, we recommend something easy to look after, such as cacti or on-trend cheese plant.

Researchers found that offices with plants led to improved performance among staff compared to those without. Plants can help to oxygenate a space and result in numerous health benefits, including reducing fatigue and headaches.



What colour should I paint my WFH space?

Let your space influence your colour. If your office set up is squeezed into a small space, try choosing a light colour scheme that will help to make the space feel larger and lighter.

Vibrant colours such as reds and oranges can create a space that boosts productivity, or combining soothing greens, blues and greys can create a calming, deep focus feeling. - Choose a stylish shade that will go with your home, check our Farrow & Ball’s home office paint inspiration.


Modify your home to create a WFH friendly space that improves happiness and productivity. Using our tips, you can create a unique, ergonomic workspace in your home. Keep an eye out on our next blog – Our recommended top 5 ergonomic chairs!


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