SEmotion Upholstered Seat

Office swivel chair for agile working With Seat Pad
Black frame with blue seat pad
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Product Code: EM-102

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SEmotion Seating

The dynamic swivel chair for mobile workers is available within 5 days! 

Not only does SEmotion seating have an impressive-looking design. It also ensures both a good posture and mobility as standard. SEmotion can adapt to corporate identities and company changes by its unique changeable upholstery for the seat and backrest which can be achieved in seconds. We offer a fully upholstered alternative as well.

The revolutionary SEmotion swivel chair with minimal free-flowing mechanism and structure has resulted in an intelligent cost-effective seating design for the agile workspace. Good posture and comfort are ensured in every sitting position and every movement.

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Seat pad colours: Blue, Light Grey or Dark Grey 

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Arrive, sit down, get going: You don’t need to spend ages setting the SEmotion as it adjusts automatically to each user. The dynamic initial impression created by the design is reflected in the flexibility which SE:motion provides in the office. A spontaneous get-together at the bench? A brief glance at your neighbour? Simply roll on over. Given its handy changeable upholstery, SEmotion can be customised in next to no time without the need for tools.

Design with added value. Whether in black or light grey, SEmotion emits a sense of dynamic lightness. Moreover, the style is far more than a mere design statement. The perforated backrest not only sets visual accents but also ensures elasticity and maximum sitting comfort. The same applies to the ideally positioned lumbar curve and the ergonomically designed seat with slim edges – the impressive-looking design ensures both a good posture and mobility.

Functional, user-orientated, ergonomic. The revolutionary structure of SEmotion has resulted in a flowing, minimalist design. At the same time, the intelligent details, which are all important for agile working, are guaranteed to impress. A good posture and comfort are ensured in every sitting position and with every movement.

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Black frame with light seat pad
Black frame with dark grey seat pad
Light grey frame with blue seat pad