Sedus Temptation High Media Desk

Sedus Temptation High Desk With Media Wall
Sedus Temptation High Desk
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Sedus Temptation High Desk With Integrated Media Wall is A Brand New Product That's Set To Revolutionise Our Meeting Area's.  The Cable management & TV Facilities Are Priced Seperately.






 Places of inspiration instead of places merely to work in: With its temptation high desk series, Sedus offers a product line that combines all the advantages of the modern high-desk concept. For temporary working or as a meeting point for communication, it promotes collaboration as well as efficiency. The reason is simple: Meetings in a standing position are usually shorter and more productive. High desks also encourage spontaneous changes of posture, which naturally have a positive effect on health.

Among its greatest strengths are the numerous options enabling the temptation high desk to be equipped for almost any task. On a grand scale as well, as the easy interlinking system can be used to make single high desks into a high bench of any length.
What variant you decide on is up to you. temptation high desk can also be used to increase the efficient use of available space as it can be positioned in places that were previously unused due to the large amount of people walking through them.

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Sedus Temptation High Desk
Sedus Temptation High Desk
Sedus Temptation High Desk