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Do you have somewhere great to meet and greet? Or are your office meeting tables drab and uninteresting? If a meeting table is fresh, attractive and well designed, it can have a big, positive impact on the experiences and relationships formed around it.

Whether you’re trying to win over a client with an important sales pitch, or brainstorming creative ideas with your team, the chances are that you’ll achieve more with attractive, carefully selected office furniture.

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Script Circular Angled Leg Table

Gresham Script Circular Angled Leg Table

from... £159.00

Script Rectangular Angled Leg Table

Gresham Rectangular Angled Leg Table

from... £171.00

Telford Cowhorn Folding Table

Gresham Telford Cowhorn Folding Table

from... £173.00

EX10 Rectangular Meeting Table

EX10 Rectangular Meeting Table

from... £185.00

D3K Rectangular Meeting Table

Gresham D3K Rectangular Meeting Table

from... £190.00

EX10 Circular Meeting Table

EX10 Circular Meeting Table

from... £228.00

D3K Circular Meeting Table

Gresham D3K Circular Meeting Table

from... £240.00

Telford Tilt-Top Meeting Table

Gresham Telford Tilt-Top Meeting Table

from... £258.00

Bench Square Meeting Table

Gresham Bench Square Meeting Table

from... £258.00

Brainstorm Personal Nesting Desk

Sedus Brainstorm Personal Nesting Desk

from... £280.00

EX10 Boat Shaped Meeting Table

EX10 Boat Shaped Meeting Table

from... £298.00

D3K Boat Shaped Meeting Table

D3K Boat Shaped Meeting Table

from... £298.00

Moment Rectangular Steel Leg Tables

Gresham Moment Rectangular Steel Leg Tables

from... £366.00

Brainstorm Meeting Table

Sedus Brainstorm Meeting Table

from... £403.00

Brainstorm Lecturn

Sedus Brainstorm Lecturn

from... £432.00

Moment Circular Table

Gresham Moment Circular Table

from... £455.00

Moment Rectangular Wooden Leg Tables

Moment Rectangular Wooden Leg Tables

from... £509.00

Brainstorm Stackable Top-Tilt Table

Sedus Brainstorm Stackable Top-Tilt Table

from... £516.00

Sedus Temptation High Media Desk

Sedus Temptation High Desk With Media Wall

from... £994.00

Mastermind Flow

Sedus Mastermind flow

from... £1,450.00

Centro Rectangular Table

Connection Centro Rectangular Table 2000mmx1000mm

from... £1,517.00

Centro Rectangular Poser Table

Connection Centro Rectangular Poser Table 2000mmx1000mm

from... £2,019.00